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Dental Tourism in Turkey; Your Dental Trip to Antalya

Turkey is becoming increasingly popular for dental tourism. According to an official report about dental tourism, Turkey is the fastest-growing country for those seeking dental treatment abroad in UK. This popularity can be seen on social media. “Turkey teeth”, a hashtag on TikTok, has received 130 million views. Smile design, essentially “Hollywood Smile", is at the top of the list for those who look to Turkey for dental treatment.

What is Dental Tourism?

In short, dental tourism is traveling abroad for dental treatments. There are two main motivations behind dental tourism; the higher prices and the length of treatment procedures in some countries. With dental tourism, patients have a recovery vacation as well as dental treatment.

How Does Dental Tourism Work?

The first stage of dental tourism is good research about the qualifications of the clinic and the country. You should then follow some steps. Here are the steps our clinic, Antlara Dental, follows;
women sit on dentist seat and happy for coming dental tourism.

Pre Assessment

  • You are expected to explain your problem via phone or e-mail.
  • Upload your prescriptions and your health history.
  • Upload your teeth x-ray or a medical image of your mouth.


  • Talk to our experts about your problem. Most of our experts have more than 20 years of experience, and it is clear from testimonials on our website that we do everything to protect your inborn teeth, whether they need cosmetic dentistry or any other dental surgery. 


Prepare your medical visa and plan your trip. We can arrange for you a reasonable hotel around our clinic. Our clinic is located in Antalya/Antlara-one of the best places in Turkey you would find. 

First Visit

Our local tourism assistant will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel nearby our clinic.

Consultation and Treatment

Our experts make detailed dental investigations and x-ray and pre-op records. Then, the patient is given a detailed treatment plan, and an expected time frame for treatment and possible treatment complications are explained. 

Post Treatment and After Care

This stage is the hardest for dental tourism. Most dental clinics don`t want to mention this stage. But we put forward all possible complications explicitly and give detailed information about how to handle these problems.

Is Dental Tourism Safe?

Dental tourism has an average growth rate of 15 percent annually. This increase indicates that there is a certain satisfaction with dental tourism. If not, the officials and dental clinics of countries that send tourists like the USA, UK, Canada, etc., would have been able to persuade their patients not to go abroad. 
This indication does not mean that without research, you can go abroad and have a good quality dental treatment. If you choose countries like Turkey, it is less likely you will have an important problem. But, before deciding on the clinic, you should take care of these points.
  • You should know the qualifications of the medical team treating you.
  • You should be able to ask any questions relating to your treatment.
  • The facilities and standards of the clinic should satisfy you.
You should immediately cancel the conversation if you notice something like;
  • A hard sell- tries to create a sense of urgency. 
  • Pressure for a quick decision.
  • Not mentioning side effects or complications.
  • Not mentioning aftercare procedures. 
a beautiful beach is in antalya that dental tourism centre

Which Country is Best for Dental Work?

Few countries are at the top for dental tourism, such as Mexico, India, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Thailand, etc. The countries that do not see dental tourism as a source of income can offer you the highest quality of service. The fact that these countries have a strong health infrastructure and educational capabilities provides them with dental tourism too.
One of the best examples in this regard is Turkey. While Turkey provides nearly one million health services to foreigners annually, dental treatment rates are around twenty percent. Meaning that dental tourism Turkey is a part of Turkey's success in the health sector.
However, countries such as Hungary, Mexico, and Poland obtain nearly eighty percent of their health tourism revenues from dental tourism. In other words, because these countries haven't got a high-quality health infrastructure, they just turn the high dental treatment costs in Europe and America into an opportunity.

Is Turkey A Good Place for Dental Implants?

While dental tourism in the world increases by 13-15 percent, this rate varies between 20-25 percent in Turkey. These rates indicate satisfaction level of dental tourism in Turkey is above the world average.
The most important reason why Turkey is preferred for dental implants is that patients can find answers to all the complications like bone grafting, sinus lifting, and advanced orthodontic treatments required by these treatments.  

Where is a Famous Destination for Dental Tourism in Turkey?

When it comes to dental tourism Turkey, Istanbul and Antalya are the best dental tourism destinations. As Istanbul is Turkey's largest metropolis, it is also a center of attraction for many dental tourists. However, for those who want to combine their treatment with a wonderful holiday on the most beautiful coasts of Turkey, Antalya can best meet their needs.
women enjoying waves on the beach in turkey
In Antalya, clinics usually offer dental tourism packages with their treatment plans and turn the dental treatment into a dental holiday in Turkey.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implant Tourism

In many European countries and the U.S., people lose dental coverage because of higher insurance costs after retirement when dental problems begin. But this time, they are struck by abnormal dental prices. Fortunately, there are many dental tourism options over there. They can choose wherever they are satisfied with the location and quality.
Dental tourism in Turkey prices offers great opportunities for the younger generation too. With the introduction of new smile trends on social media, they seek cheaper treatment opportunities abroad. Dental tourism has a few downsides, such as long-distance and possible complications of dental treatment. 

How Much Does Dental Work Cost in Turkey?

The Turkish Lira has devaluated by more than double in value against foreign currencies in the past two years. These fluctuations in the Turkish economy caused prices to drop significantly in all areas. The lower prices have caused foreigners to flock to Turkey in every field. 
Dental health tourism Turkey's costs were also significantly affected by these price fluctuations. Turkey offers the most affordable price advantage among the countries that provide high-quality dental services.
While implant applications in Turkey are between $400-900, the price in the USA or UK is between $1000-3500. Likewise, while a porcelain veneer is around $200 to $500 in Turkey, it can be between $500-1300 in European countries. 

Why is Dental Treatment Cheap in Turkey?

For dental treatment, eighty percent of the cost is paid to the team performing the treatment and laboratory staff, while only twenty percent is spent on the material. Leaving aside the dentist's education, dental treatment can be compared to a kind of artistic work.
For example, while pencil drawing costs between 150–300 dollars in the USA, it costs around 80–200 euros in Europe, 30–50 dollars in Turkey, 10–20 dollars in China, and 5–20 dollars in Egypt. 
Is it correct to claim that cheaper countries have low-quality pencil drawings? Exactly not. It would also be wrong to index the quality of dental treatments in a country on price, provided that this country offers high-quality dental education.
So, is a high-quality dental education offered in Turkey? For a high school student in Turkey to become a dentist, he must be among the first 20,000 out of 2,000,000 students. In addition to that, they can become dentists after completing a challenging 5-year training process.
Turkey, with its 200-year history in the field of modern health, has long been a popular country for Europeans for both dental and health tourism. The low prices are entirely due to the country's recent economic problems. 

Accomodation and Transfer Services 

Turkey, which offers great opportunities in the fields of health and dental surgery, also pleases its visitors with its high-quality touristic opportunities. All of the patient's needs are met if they receive service from a quality dental clinic.
At Antlara Dental, we pick up our patients from the airport and help them settle into a hotel where they can be satisfied. Then, we evaluate all the details with them during the pre-assessment period. 
With Turkey dental holiday packages, you can get both a quality treatment and a magnificent Turkey dental holiday.


antalya dental-tourism-appointment Free Consultation

You can send close up images of your teeth and/or a panoramic x-ray to our care team via email or whatsapp. You can also have a call to discuss your situation and aims.

antalya dental-tourism-appointment Treatment Planning

Our dentists will examine your images and x-rays to determine which treatment is the most suitable. We will provide a full plan and pricing for you.

antalya dental-tourism-appointment Appointment

After agreeing on the treatment details and getting your approval, we will organise an appointment day for the start of treatment that suits your schedule.

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Meeting & Planning

On the first day you will be transferred to the clinic and go through the treatment plan with the dental team. If you are happy treatment will give a start.


Treatment & Social Activities

According to the content of your treatment, you will have free time to relax and enjoy social activities in Antalya to make your visit more colorful.


Treatment Completion

Most of the treatment visits are completed on day 5 with your being able to see the results of your beautiful smile transformation.