Metal Braces

It is no longer a problem for everyone from age 7 to 77 with irregular tooth structure. With the latest developments in o, treatment times are shortened, orthodontic treatments that do not last for years are terminated early, and patients can achieve aesthetic and pearly teeth early. In fact, orthodontic wires can be positioned behind your teeth in an area that is compatible with your tooth color or not visible from the outside.

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Metal Braces Treatment in Turkey

metal braces are aligning on the teeth model
Metal braces, also called traditional braces, are a fast, effective, and economical method that can be applied without damaging the teeth. Metal braces consist of 2 different parts. Metal wires and brackets. Orthodontists pass through a thin wire through the middle of the metal brackets and adjust the stiffness of the wire. The brackets are made of high-quality stainless steel and are unlikely to break.

What Are Metal Braces Used for? 

In the event that metal braces teeth are not applied because of aesthetic concerns, the problems may progress to an advanced level and may require complex surgical interventions to be corrected. Here are the most prominent areas of use of metal braces;
  • Crooked teeth, 
  • Tooth separation,
  • To the correction of disorders in the jaw structure, 
  • Elimination of aesthetic problems in the structure of the mouth, 
  • Termination of chewing problems, 
  • Imbalances in the structure of the face and jaw,
  • Positioning of the teeth in front, 
  • People with impaired chewing and speech functions,
  • Those who have problems such as cleft lip and palate,
  • For those who have difficulty closing their mouth,
  • Those who have jaw locks,
  • Those who hear sound from the jaw joints.
dental braces before after image

Steps of Metal Braces Treatment

  • The consult

At this stage, the patient needs to explain all his discomforts to the dentist accurately. The orthodontist takes the X-ray film of the patient, and the treatment stage is started after the necessary evaluations are made.
  • Before treatment

Before treatment, the dentist removes all bacteria and plaque formations in the mouth. If there are bruises in the mouth, they are treated first.
  • Treatment

The patient's bite impression is taken, or the orthodontist performs an intraoral digital scan. Spacers are inserted to help prepare your mouth for braces.
  • Getting your braces

After the infection is cleaned, the dentist thoroughly cleans the dental surfaces and applies bonding to the teeth. Once the bonding process is completed, the dentist uses a curing light to harden the bonding material. The orthodontist then runs an archwire through the braces and fastens it with ligature bands.
  • Your follow-up appointments

It will take you about 4-8 weeks to get used to your braces before your first appointment with your dentist. Once your braces are on, you'll have about 4-8 weeks to get used to them before your first follow-up appointment.
Routine "adjustments" are far more convenient than getting braces in the first place. Orthodontists will check your progress and possibly replace your old archwire and bands with new ones. If you want to change up your colors, now is a perfect time!
  • Your last appointment

Congratulations! You've achieved your goal! Your new, perfect smile is about to emerge after your last stage. The brackets will come off easily. Your orthodontist will remove the remnants of bonding material and polish the teeth in just 20 minutes.
Dt. Uğur with his patients who had dental braces teratment in Turkey

Metal or Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are mostly used for light corrections, while metal braces are preferred for larger corrections. If you are considering one of these braces options, you can see the differences below;
Metal Braces Ceramic Braces
More visible  Less visible
Allergic Non allergic
Resistant to breakage Nonresistant to breakage
Stain resistant  Can be stained and become visible
Cheaper More expensive

Is Invisalign Better than Metal Braces? 

In invisalign treatments, you can achieve results a few months earlier than metal braces. In addition, Invisalign treatments are more advantageous than metal braces because they are less visible and removable in critical situations such as important events. Furthermore, Invisalign treatments cause less pain than metal braces.

How Many Days Are Metal Braces Put in Teeth?

Metal braces treatments are divided into three groups simple, moderate, and complex. In simple therapies, it is sufficient to wear your braces for about a year or less, while in moderate treatments, this period usually extends to two years. In complex metal braces treatments, they may need to be worn for up to 3 years. 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Braces?

To decide whether to have metal braces placed on your teeth, you should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.  You will unlikely experience any problems if you don't have a sensitive mouth or gums. 

Advantages of Metal Braces

  • Effective

Despite advances in dentistry, metal braces are still the most effective type. 
  • Quick results

The patient can't interfere with metal braces and remove or lose them. This allows the dentist to reach the desired result of the treatment faster.
  • Affordable

Metal braces are the most affordable option in braces treatments. However, they are also as effective as or even more effective than other treatments.
  • Durable

Metal braces are made of stainless steel and are unlikely to break. 

Disadvantages of Metal Braces

  • Decalcification

Decalcification means that the tissues are devoid of lime and appear in the form of white spots. To prevent decalcification, the teeth must be brushed regularly and adequately during the wearing period of braces.  
  • Sores

Brackets can put pressure on the teeth and cause pain. Orthodontic wax is used to relieve this pain, which is especially felt at nights
  • Tightening or adjustments

Periodically, your metal braces will have to be tightened. This can be uncomfortable and cause soreness in your mouth for two to four days. You can’t eat anything other than soft foods during this period.
women dental braces before after image

How Long Do Metal Braces Take to Straighten Teeth? 

The duration of treatment may vary according to everyone's biological status, age, and scope of treatment. In Turkey metal braces treatment can often be completed between 15 and 18 months. However, in some cases, results can be obtained within 6 months, while sometimes it can last up to 2 or even 3 years.

How Much Are Metal Braces? 

An experienced orthodontist should perform metal braces treatments. Treatment fees may vary according to each country and clinic. Below you can review the average metal braces price in different countries.
Country Metal Braces Cost
USA $3000 - $7000 
UK  £1500 - £3000
Germany €1200 - €2500
Turkey €750 - €1500
In most cases, dental treatments require extra fees because of unexpected treatment requirements, but for the cost of metal braces in Turkey, the extra costs will also be lower accordingly.

Why Get Metal Braces in Turkey?

Turkey has highly developed clinics in the dental field and well-trained, experienced dentists. As a result of Turkey's success in the dental field, it has become the fastest-growing country in dental tourism. By taking advantage of the affordable price advantages in Turkey, you can combine your dental treatment with a relaxing holiday in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. 
Our philosophy at Antlara Dental is to provide our patients with premium dental health care. Teamwork is the key to achieving this while providing individualized treatments tailored to the needs of each patient. Furthermore, we strive to provide our patients with a professional and relaxed environment that enhances their positive experience.

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Pure metal braces come in a kind of gray steel color. However, by applying an elastic material, your dentist can shape it with different colors.
Since braces remain in the oral cavity for a long time, they are prepared from materials with sufficient strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, conventional metal brackets are high-quality stainless steel or titanium alloys.
Traditional metal braces are cheaper than Invisalign braces. While this price difference is less in countries where dental costs are high, it is more noticeable in countries such as Turkey, where dental tourism is developing.
Metal braces cause pain 3 to 4 days after treatment and after regular adjustments. To relieve this pain, dentists recommend dental wax to patients. The intensity of the pain decreases after the adjustments.

At every visit, you should change your elastics, and you might also need to replace, modify, or tighten your wires.

In fact, braces can be an excellent alternative for those who are missing a tooth since they can narrow or expand gaps to provide room for a replacement.

  • Smooth teeth help the person to bite, chew and speak effectively.
  • Contributes to healthy teeth and gums.
  • The susceptibility to gum disease and caries decreases.
  • It prevents the development of different functional problems (joint complaints, etc.) that teeth are both better in function and appearance and appear more aesthetic.

Orthodontic examination is sometimes useful in children aged 5-6 years. Although orthodontic treatment is not applied at this age, some preventive orthodontic treatments are very useful. Orthodontic treatments to be applied at these ages are called preventive and protective orthodontic treatments.

It is an orthodontic field aiming to correct the distorted relations of the lower and upper jaws with special aperes attached to the face at a young age. Often orthopedic treatment (jaw adjustment is provided) and orthodontic treatment (closing adjustment of teeth are provided) is carried out together.

INVISALIGN is an alternative treatment to regular braces, allowing you to smile confidently during your treatment. By using a series of clear, removable aligners, they straightens your teeth discreetly. The aligners need to be changed approximately every two weeks – your teeth move little by little, towards the smile you’ve always wanted.

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