Antlara Dental Clinic

Join the Bright Smiles™ club and earn when your friends smile!

Antlara Dental are offering all previous customers the chance to refer their friends and family for a reward. Have a friend who hates their smile or a loved one who wants to regain their confidence?

Then fill out the form below and start their smile Journey for them. You can choose a reward that suits you including, donating to our partnered charity who are helping provide dental treatments to children in poverty, a gift card for you to enjoy, a cash bonus reward or a discount for your friend or loved one!

Antlara Dental Clinic operate a referral program in the interest of rewarding previous customers for referring friends, family and acquaintances. To qualify for a successful referral the referrer must have received services from Antlara Dental Clinic previously.
The referrer must complete the referral form provided on the website link ‘www.antlaradental.com/referrals’. This form will require information such as the referrer’s name, their contact details and the details of the referred customer.
These details will be checked with historical records to ensure it qualifies as a successful referral. A referral will only be qualified as successful once the referred customer pays for the services provided and it is proven that the referrer was a previous customer. Referral discounts are not applicable at the same time as any other discount apart from the 10% cash discount.
The referrer can decide between options for how they wish to be rewarded. These may include donation, gift card, bonus and discount.
Donation – You can choose to donate any reward to Antlara Dental’s partner charity. For more details of the charity Antlara Dental supports please click here. This link should go to the charity webpage or the url on our website which has the charity information on.
Gift Card – You can choose to receive an Amazon Gift Card to the value of £50. Only applicable for treatment plan quotes valued at £1100 or more.
Bonus – You can choose to receive a cash bonus paid directly to your bank account. 
Discount – You can choose to pass a discount onto your referred customer. They will have the amount deducted from their treatment plan quote.
Antlara Dental Clinic have the right to remove any part of the referral program at any point in the future if they wish to do so. They also have the right to reject a referral if the referrer and/or the referral do not qualify as successful.
For any enquiries relating to the referral program please contact smile@antlaradental.com